Folded Baptismal Invitations with Location Map

Folded Baptismal Invitations with Location Map


Product Name: 4" x 5" Folded Glossy/Matte Invitation Cards
Product Code: MIC-05 (#1534)
Category: Invitation Cards, Baptismal Invitation Cards


Location maps on invitation cards for an occasion have been really useful even until the advent of online maps on our gadgets. It definitely solves every guest's headache on looking for a place of an event especially during baptismal celebrations which you do not really want to miss. That's why we have came up with an idea of Folded Baptismal Invitations with Location Map that is more detailed. It doesn't only help you on your route it also give the such a classy look. Just provide us a well-explained information about your little child's baptismal celebration location and we'll provide the best map for your guests and see to it that they'll make it on that very special day.

Please note that the photos shown are just samples. Mypartyblue can personalize this product with your preferred design and motif, your own photos, names and other context. You can also choose from our sample layouts or let us know if you have your own concept.





24 pcs Php 32 each Php 768

36 pcs Php 30 each Php 1080

48 pcs Php 29 each Php 1392

60 pcs Php 28 each Php 1680

100 pcs Php 26 each Php 2600


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