About Mypartyblue

Hello Customers. Mypartyblue.com is an online store of personalized items for kids' birthdays and baptismal parties. We offer different varieties of invitations, party banners, souvenirs and giveaways. These products are posted in this website with corresponding product descriptions, specifications, price list, samples, list of party packages and other related details.

Mypartyblue.com operates under Mypowderblue Trading and Printing Services. In fact, these products are offered under Mypowderblue.com since October 7, 2008, pulled out, and offered in this separate website since May 1, 2013, the Mypartyblue.com

Since 2008, we have more than 5 years experience to accept local and international orders through different payment and delivery options. Mypowderblue and Mypartyblue are trusted online stores and have lots of customers in the Philippines and serving Filipinos abroad.

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Why Choose Mypartyblue.com

Trusted for more than 9 years.

For more than 9 years, we were trusted by Filipinos and non Filipinos here in the Philippines and abroad. We are proud for that ZERO late deliveries and quality products. But it's true; aside from positive feedbacks, we also received negative comments on our products. View our Customers' Testimonials

Convenient and Flexible Payment and Delivery Options

Mypartyblue accept and deliver orders locally, nationwide and internationally. We have different payment options, payment terms and different way to get your products. You can select that on the Order Form. Always bear in mind that you must trust your payment to Mypartyblue.com and rest assured that once we accepted your order (and if you cooperate), you will receive your order on or before your target date.

Creative Designs

Aside from the samples and templates posted in this website, each customer can request a unique layout for their event as long as the design is downloadable from the net. Our graphic artists are committed to give quality layouts and flexible for revisions that you need.

Unique and Quality Products

Though some of our products are also available in other suppliers, Mypartyblue offers lot of items that are not available in other suppliers of souvenirs, giveaways, invitations and banners. Our class A unique products is our great advantage to other suppliers.